Training for Improved Performance

Learning Objective

  • Explain how employee training practices can be aligned with an organization’s competitive strategy.
  • Describe how partnering and using a systematic process for developing training can help ensure that an organization benefits from training.
  • Discuss the different ways in which training needs are determined
  • Describe the variety of training methods available and explain how to make those methods more effective.
  • Explain why the purpose of a training evaluation should be used to guide the evaluation process


  1. Pertama, dapat meningkatkan karyawan
  2. Kedua, pelatihan membantu karyawan melakukan pekerjaan mereka lebih efektif dan efisien
  3. Ketiga, di mana pelatihan memberi manfaat bagi organisasi dengan cara membantu mereka untuk memenuhi tujuan strategis mereka.

Download file: Pertemuan 9 MSDM 2015


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