It’s Time for Teaching to Get an Equal Position with Research

For some staff, teaching in British universities often takes second place to research. If we want to keep our reputation, this can’t go on says Craig Mahoney.

The UK is well-known for its thriving research culture in higher education. Its importance is undeniable, both in terms of its role in enhancing the reputation of British higher education abroad – attracting students from all over the world – and in terms of the cultural and practical benefits to all of us.

Students value being part of a research culture. The HEA’s Postgraduate Research Experience Survey tells us that 86% of students said that opportunities to develop research skills met or exceeded their expectations. But they value and expect good teaching too, and as student fees rise, up to £9,000 at some universities, so student expectations of teaching are likely to rise too.

As well as a thriving research culture, we are lucky in the UK to also have an excellent reputation for teaching in HE. But at the HEA, we think that more needs to be done to inspire excellent teaching and put it on an equal footing with research.

 Source: The Guardian Higher Education Network

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